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Music has always been what we’ve turned to when times get tough, and through Covid-19 music has helped us come together when we are forced to be apart.

The last 18 months has shown us just how important Peter’s Players is to so many people. Like so many of you, it has made Michelle and I more grateful for what we have than we’ve ever been before. We knew that Peter’s Players was special, but we had no idea just how important the music, this place, and our community is to healing one another.

In 2020 we shut Peter’s Players down to do provincial guidelines. We even considered selling with all of the uncertainty that lay ahead, but we decided that our hearts were still here. When we re-opened in late August we were able to have shows at 25% capacity to ensure our patrons safety with all performers behind our custom stage barriers, and thankfully, the magic of the room remained.

The second wave forced us to close the theatre again, which led to us to rethink how we can deliver these great performances to our audience. This led us in a direction of virtual concerts starting with Jim Cuddy, and more to follow throughout the year. 2021 brought on a successful campaign, where we called upon our music loving community–”The Brick In The Wall Campaign”.

The Brick In The Wall campaign recognizes supporters of Peter’s Players within our community.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to “The Brick In The Wall Campaign”. This campaign had helped us through that rocky patch of Covid. Although we may no longer be within these physical bricks in Gravenhurst, Peter’s Players will continue to present great shows in alternate venues throughout Muskoka.
Bev Shears & family
Ted & Jacquie Clements
Dwight Summers
McBride Family
Gibbon’s Family
Tom & Jenny Closson
The Lindsay’s
Jim & Linda Hayter
Gord & Kathy Lambert
William R Lynch
Terry & Charles Burton
Vicker’s Family BALA
Judy & Bob Brown
Ward & McCarron families
Ian & Liz Smith
Brian & Laura Steiger
Stephen & Nancy
Chris Bell & Behnan Khakpoor
Bryn Jones
D&K McScott
Ken & Lynne Brown
R Shears & family
Dennis & Bernie
John Forgie
Brian & Sue Swanek
Papa Dan, Daniel, Alysia & Savana Swanek
Gerry Lawrence (doorman)
Tommy Hay
Thom & Cindi Charters
Brad & Cathy
Mark & Missy
Holly MJB
Rick & Rita
Katie & Klause
Dean & Jane Mark
Budget Propane
Donna & Ken Coulson
John & Connie Frisk
Rob & Kaija Clark
Dorie Jenning
Judi Cuervo
Brian McSweeney & Marie Stephenson
Peggie Pelosi
Chris Churchill
Dave Large
John & Laurie
Frank & Lori
Tubby family
Bobby Wertman & Jeffery Stone
Ray & Ian Bowie
Rob & Susan S, 07-2018
Gary & Jan Roth
Dennis & Rae Martin
Silver Lake Joe
Hunters Bay Radio
Rob & Cheryl Lipic
Mr. Muskoka
Vicki Dechert
Ulrich Family
Rob & Liz
Patty & Jim
Paul & Marla Huck
Stone family
David & Shirley
Eleda Ward, Rick Hebert
Laura & Gordon Lafortune
Bob & Ginny McKeller
Jake Spring family
Lori Cameron
Joyce & Jim McAlpine
Murray & Patricia Belfry
Lori Dubeau & Paul MacDonald
Jack & Cookie
Ian & Lise
Luke Anthony
Rick & Candace Freeman
Duncan & Kathleen
Jim & Chris Gefucia
Paul & Mary Cook
Holden Chelsey & Alistair Sheffield
Al & Louise Heaney
Remax Professionals
Curry Clifford & Libby McCready
Dennis Semkiw
Doug & Sherry Dougherty
Dan & Kim Ferguson
Norm & Kelly Daniels
Joseph, Lyndon & Tarryn
Maggie & Eric
Ralph & Helen
Mitchel & Sara Seifer
Darrel Moss & Wendy Gaballa
Susan & Fred
Karen Connor
Patience & Gordon Gilbert
Lucia & Steve
Parlett family
Emily Stough
Sutcliffe family
Dennis & Wendy S
Douglas Conway
Peter Koetsier
FCI Brian
Jennifer & Ted
Pamela Alexander
Lise St-Arnaud
Sam Sorbara
Homer Frank & Georgina Ladanyi
Rob & Michelle Copobianco
Colour n Light Muskoka
Memory of Mike Oswin
Buckley & Associates
Savvy Learning Solutions
Charlotte & Kevin Riddell
S&L Thompson
Stephen Farley
Noelle, Em, Cait, Jack & Jaime
Bruce & Carolyn Moore
Larry & Leslie Good

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