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Peter’s Players Picnic–Classic Albums Live performs Led Zeppelin II Saturday August 21 2021

Location:  Annie Williams Park (50 Santas Village Rd, Bracebridge)
Show:   2:00PM Doors Open:  1:15PM
Price:  $130.00

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Peter’s Players Picnic–Classic Albums Live performs Led Zeppelin II


*This show takes place at Annie Williams Park in Bracebridge, rain or shine. Bring your own picnic and chairs, as food and beverages will not be sold at this venue.*

Please click here for a map.


Led Zeppelin II, Cut-for-cut.

Remember when you used to listen to an entire album? Classic Albums Live does.

For the first time in popular music, the greatest albums from the 60s and 70s are recreated live on stage, note for note — cut for cut.

“This has never been done before,” says series producer, Craig Martin. “There’s a real thirst to hear these albums performed start to finish. For many of us this is the music we grew up with—the soundtrack of our lives.”

Led Zeppelin really do sound like the hammer of the gods. At first listen it’s the guitar riffs that grab you, then the drums, then the honey sweet voice of Robert Plant. What’s funny is that after years of listening and dissecting the album – it’s the bass guitar that i’m now drawn to.

Led Zeppelin II has it all: drum solos!  guitar solos!  lemons! I get emails from people telling me that their kids were conceived to this record! Perhaps that’s the ultimate compliment you can pay an album! 

One thing I know for sure, is that Zep fans are unrelenting in their love for the band. Many people don’t realize that during the 70s – no other band or artist came close to selling as many albums as Led Zeppelin. At the time the critics were panning them and making fun of them. But the people spoke. They bought the albums and went to the concerts. The nerdy naysayers were left licking their wounds. No grammys, no number one singles, no singles! Led Zeppelin were the people’s band.

And Led Zeppelin II was their call to arms.

Every rock musician who picks up an instrument gravitates toward Zep, every musician says they can play Zep – but most can’t. There’s an undefinable quality to their music. Once every couple of months,  I stay up all night and comb the internet for bands that can play Led Zeppelin better than CAL. I never find anyone that comes close.





Side One

1. Whole Lotta Love

2. What Is and What Should Never Be

3. The Lemon Song

4. Thank You

Side Two

1. Heartbreaker

2. Living Loving Maid (She’s Just a Woman)

3. Ramble On

4. Moby Dick

5. Bring it On Home


Intermission after the album – followed by a 2nd set of Led Zeppelin favourites and deep tracks.



Our volunteers will require strict adherence to this safety plan.  All volunteers will be marked with fluorescent vests and will be wearing masks when moving around. 

Tickets purchased ahead of event time online will record patron’s contact information.

Patrons are to self-screen themselves for Covid symptoms before attending any of our events.

Event is scheduled for outside however Patrons will be instructed to arrive wearing masks until they are through the entrance area and taken to their socially spaced lawn are to enjoy the performance.

Separate entrance and exit areas for the event space supervised by our volunteers.

Entrance will be supervised by our volunteers who will have a self-screening poster visible and ask the patrons the applicable screening questions.  As well as checking that arriving patrons match the name on the ticket purchase list before allowing entry to event space.  Patrons will then be instructed to hand sanitize at entrance sanitizing station and only then will they be escorted to their socially distanced lawn space where than can then set up their own lawn chairs or blanket and then remove their mask.  Patron will also be told before entry that if needing to leave their socially distanced lawn area to use washroom or leave concert for any reason masks must be put back on.

Entire event area to be roped off and roped perimeters our supervised by volunteers to ensure no one outside the event can enter the area. 

Each person or persons (if they came together) will be 2 meters apart from any other attendees on grassy area to view concert.  These areas will be clearly marked and as mentioned earlier a volunteer will escort the patrons to their designated lawn space.

Washrooms will have hand sanitizing station outside each door and instructions to sanitize before and after entry.  X’s will make a 2-meter distance to maintain if there is a line up for washroom.  Patrons will wear masks to washroom area as instructed upon entry of event area.  Volunteers throughout event area will keep watch to make sure masks are on if patron leave their socially spaced grassy area.

No food or beverages will be served at this event.  


Please Self Screen as per the advice of the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health prior to the show.

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