As we launch ticket sales for our first outdoor concert, we want to provide you with all the details you will want to know in advance.  We have put a great deal of effort and planning into this and hope that we have considered everything, but it is a totally new undertaking in uncharted times so please understand that things could change between now and showtime.

At this time, regulations stipulate that you must remain in your vehicles, no convertibles allowed, during the concert and listen on a dedicated FM channel.  We are “hopeful” that this condition will be eased before the concert date, in which case the details listed below would be in place. As we are more limited by the number of cars than the number of people, there will be a minimum of 2 tickets required per car. If you purchase 4 tickets per car ALL additional passengers will be admitted FREE. Additional tickets can be purchased at the gate (CASH ONLY).

When you arrive you will be greeted by Gerry who will check your tickets and sell more if required.  You will then proceed to the Parking Director inside the gate who will need to know if you want to stay near your car or would like to sit in one of 40 social distance spaces marked out in front of the stage.  These spaces will accommodate a maximum of 6 people.  Each person in a group must stay within 3 feet of the area’s designated centre. If you choose to sit in one of these spaces you will be directed to park in a remote section of the drive-in. If you want to sit beside your car you will be directed by parking attendants to areas with good site lines to the stage.  We will be using every second parking spot to provide ample space to sit at a safe social distance.  The sound will be exceptional wherever you choose to sit. Bring your own chairs, no tents or cover structures may be erected.  Washroom facilities are available on site.  We respectfully encourage you to support the theatre owners by purchasing food and snacks at the concession stand.  All garbage is to be taken with you when you leave.  At all times, we expect all attendees to follow social distancing practices and to respect the personal space of others. Your personal safety is our primary concern. Bring your masks and wear them when physical distancing is challenged. ie. visiting the concession stand or washrooms.

If you have any questions unanswered by this communication please bring them to our attention.  Michelle and I are both thrilled and excited to be bringing live music back to Muskoka and we look forward to seeing you soon.


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