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Hello music lovers.

Asking for your help in very tough times

We sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are staying healthy and safe in these bizarre times.

Music has always been what we turn to when things get tough. It helps us heal. And the world needs music now more than ever.

At Peter’s Players the music has always been front row centre. But Peter’s Players is about more than the music, it’s about celebrating togetherness. “Every ticket is a backstage pass” is about sharing the magic of music, real music and real musicianship, with a small group of people, together. Yes, Michelle and I love music, but we don’t do it for the music, we do it for the audience.

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken our audience away, and like so many small business owners we are struggling to determine what to do next in such an uncertain environment. So we are asking for your help.

Today, we are launching our “Brick on the Wall” campaign.

The campaign allows for our amazing patrons and music lovers to support Peter’s Players and keep the music going!

All donors will have their name(s) permanently recognized on a block on the outside courtyard wall of Peter’s Players, right at the main entrance-way where we roast marshmallows and socialize with the artists.

We are accepting donations of $250 for half a block, and $500 or more for a full block. If you are interested in donating another value, please don’t hesitate to click the logo below or email or call Michelle or myself directly.

We know that this is a big ask in uncertain times, and we appreciate the ongoing love and support of all of our patrons.

We are confident that we will all get through this together, and when we do there will be an amazing concert ready to greet us!

Peter and Michelle

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